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Men's Hair Loss

What can Scalp Micropigmentation Treat?

Adding Density to Thinning Hair

Did you know that approximately 35 million men and 21 million women suffer from hair loss? Beginning at age 35 with a 40% loss rate for men and growing to a 70% loss rate for men age 80, the majority of the world-wide population will lose more hair than they ever dreamed of and they will need professional services to help them restore their hair. By age 60, women hair loss sufferers will be in the 80% range.


Not everyone will want to shave their head to resemble the shaven look that is synonymous with traditional scalp micropigmentation.  Scalp micropigmentation can greatly improve the perceived fullness of your existing head of hair.

This treatment is best suited to red or brunettes.  To ensure an effective illusion is created there are certain requirements that you will need to satisfy for this treatment to be effective. 

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Scar Camouflage

The scalp micropigmentation process to camouflage scarring does vary  from the standard procedure that is used for things like male pattern baldness or alopecia due to the composition of scar tissue.   Scars are made of thick layers of tissue, which do not always respond to pigment the way a thin section of scalp might. As such, individuals receiving scalp micropigmentation may have to return for a few more sessions so that we can be sure that the pigment projects the right depth of colour to create an effective illusion.

Rarely can we apply scalp micropigmentation to just the scar alone, as we will need to apply it to the areas above, below, and to either side of the scar in order to help it blend in naturally with your natural hair growth and hair pattern

Pre Treatment and Aftercare

Am I a candidate for this procedure?


It is important to assess each person individually as everyones expectations and suitability for treatment will be unique.

It would be important to note at this stage that this process is more successful on brunettes and redheaded women than on blonde haired women.  This will all be discussed at consultation and an honest professional opinion given.

To get the best from your Scalp Pigmentation treatment you should follow the guidelines below which are in place to allow optimum healing.

The healed result and longevity of your treatment is dependant upon not only of the skill set of the technician but also on your commitment to follow advise and aftercare to get the best results.


Results are made in partnership with the technician and the client


Pre Treatment


7 Days Before Treatment –

  • Shave down if applicable

  • Start nourishing your scalp daily by moisturising to ensure it is in the best condition it can be on the day of your treatment


On the day of the Treatment –

  • Shave down if applicable

  • Wash hair/scalp to remove any oils/moisturiser

  • Do NOT moisturise




For 5 days after treatment

  • Do not wash or wet hair/scalp

  • Do not sweat

  • Do not moisturise your scalp

  • Do not shave your head

  • Do not expose scalp to sun


After 5 days you can resume the above with light showers being gentle with your scalp. Moisturising regulary 2-3 times per day.



Appropriate products will be recommended during consultation


For 28 days after treatment:

  • Do not swim

  • Do not use a sauna or steam room

  • Wear a hat in the sun and thereafter protect your scalp by using SPF 30-50.



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